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Phase 1 content cleared!!

by Charmagon, 127 days ago

So this was our second week of raiding and we were still not a full raid.

So we went off to Onyxia and cleared it quickly and had a plan to use the onyxia buff on rag once we'd had some dry runs and killed Major Domo.

It seems we didn't need it.

Despite the raid not being full (we were around 34 people) Rag was one shot.

But that's not all! We were very close to killing rag before sons without Onyxia buff. 


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Week 1 of raiding complete

by Charmagon, 134 days ago

We'd started raiding a little later than expected as we were waiting for a core to level and get prep'd for raiding. So it's great news to be able to announce that our first week of raiding was a complete success and the only bosses left to us are behind a rep wall. 

A big thank you for everyone who worked with us to make this possible, we plan to have rag dead before the end of next reset.

Also a big gratz to all who got loot and I promise to give the head to the right person next time...… honest....

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Guild Tabard Purchased

by Charmagon, 146 days ago

Update from end of week 1 of classic.

Following discussions with the guild and donations from members to supply the required funds. I am now happy to announce that we now have a guild tabard!

Now we can use this heroic deed in our guild recruitment posts, just like real vanilla!

"come join our guild, we have a tabard"

But seriously guys, thanks for the helping to make this possible so early.

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