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re: DECLINED - App: Cappi_Paladin - by Charmagon


I am declining this application based on the following reasons.

  • We are currently not looking at taking on Melee dps, except for players with gear and logs from recent expansions to demonstrate high performance. You currently don't meet our minimum requirements for normal and we have no logs to gauge your performance.
  • You have not read the guild rules, the colour question is a trick to ensure people are able to follow basic instructions. It you take a look at the guild rules, you will see how we know that you did not read them.
  • You gear is not gemmed or enchanted. We understand that you are still gearing, but you should demonstrate to potential guilds that you are willing to keep your gear to a high standard, especially when making an application.
  • You stated that you can maybe raid twice a week, however we raid 3 times a week.

I wish you the best of luck in finding a guild.


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re: DECLINED - App: Cappi_Paladin - by Charmagon


The application submitted by Cappi_Paladin is as follows:

Personal Information Real Name: Ben Age: 32 Battletag: Cappi#2931 Where are you from?: Netherlands Character Information Character Name: Koekepan Class: Paladin Applying as social or Raider: Raider If you are applying as a raider what roles would you prefer to fill: DPS Please detail your previous raiding/guild experience: Hello,

I have been on a long break from raiding, other then LFR. I raided a lot back in TBC, WotLK and Cata. I have always been playing paladin in raids. My last raiding was back on Horde side (Terenas EU server).

Since my kids are now a lot older I decided to get back to raiding. Draenor is my new home since Legion and I am looking for a friendly (but competitive) environment.

Addons and interface information Do you have a microphone and are you able to use communication software such as Teamspeak or Discord: Yes What addons do you use to improve raiding performance?: GTFO, ElvUI, Recount, Miks scrolling combat text, Grid, Clique Miscellaneous - Please ensure you have read the guild rules before completing this section. What is your favourite colour?: Blue Do you have anything else which may support your application.: Regarding my availability. It can a bit random, but making 2 raids a week should be doable.

Currently i have mining/enchanting as my proffessions. Both not leveled due to the fact that its just for money making. I do tend to level enchanting asap, since I will be raiding eventually. Availability Application Availability Info: Sunday -> Don\'t Know Monday -> Don\'t Know Tuesday -> Don\'t Know Wednesday -> Don\'t Know Thursday -> Don\'t Know Friday -> Don\'t Know Saturday -> Don\'t Know
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