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re: APPROVED - App: Joáx123 - by Barknbite


The application submitted by Joáx123 is as follows:

Personal Information Real Name: Oskar Gustafsson Age: 24 Battletag: OGbro#2673 Where are you from?: Sweden Character Information Character Name: Joáx Class: Death Knight Applying as social or Raider: Social If you are applying as a raider what roles would you prefer to fill: Tank Please detail your previous raiding/guild experience: Hey there!
I'm an "retired" hardcore raider, I began raiding in the burning crusade and have been raiding every tier since until mists of pandaria.

I now have a fulltime job and a wife and child wich makes it incredebly hard for me to raid on a schedual, however your guild seems like a really nice place to be, and I'm mostly interested in running keys & tagging along to alt/firend raids or help out whenever I'm needed if available!

I'd like to say I'm "above avarage" skillwise and raiding comes very natural to me since i've been doing it for so long. Addons and interface information Do you have a microphone and are you able to use communication software such as Teamspeak: Yes What addons do you use to improve raiding performance?: I use weakauras, bigwigs, grid etc. Miscellaneous - Please ensure you have read the guild rules before completing this section. What is your favourite colour?: Justice Do you have anything else which may support your application.: I'd like to point out that I've recently rerolled to my DK, I used to play horde but wanted to roll alliance for BFA.
I have 1 day /played so far and my item level is 929 with 71 traits, I'll work on getting that up asap.

I play whenever i can, not schedualed but as soon as I get the oppertunity I log on and run some keys, do some WQ's etc to try to keep my character as good as i possibly can.

I hope you see some value in having me in the guild, despite the fact that I'm not going to be apart of the core raid team!

Best Regards
Oskar Gustafsson AKA Joáx Availability Application Availability Info: Sunday -> Don\'t Know Monday -> Don\'t Know Tuesday -> Don\'t Know Wednesday -> Don\'t Know Thursday -> Don\'t Know Friday -> Don\'t Know Saturday -> Don\'t Know

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re: APPROVED - App: Joáx123 - by Barknbite


Hey there,

As you r are applying for a social spot then please just whisper any member of wild cards in game for an invite and say that barknbite is good with it :) You can always add me on bnet @ BouncyBear#22174



Barknbite - Officer

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