The curse has been broken!! (6/11 Mythic)

by Charmagon, 114 days ago

In the previous tiers we have always struggled to get past 5 bosses on mythic in a given raid before peoples interest dropped off and our numbers became unsustainable. For a period, we thought history was repeating after half our core stopped raiding after Christmas.

After a few months of rebuilding, we are back to were we was and beyond with the killing of Imonar Mythic (6/11).

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Big gratz to everyone.

As we are now reaching the end of Legion, the guild is now turning its attention to an all out push in mythic. Wish us luck!!

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4/11 down Antorus Mythic

by Charmagon, 182 days ago

We killed this boss a few weeks ago, but I only just got round to updating the forums.

I think we can all agree we picked this fight up relatively quickly, but we had a few teething problems at the end when deciding what to focus next. 

Overall this is my favourite fight in Antorus so far and I can only wish that it wasn't such free loot on heroic.

Either way well done all

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3/11Mythic Antorus

by Charmagon, 202 days ago

Further Antorus Mythic progression achieved.

We kind of expected this kill as we nearly killed it on our 6th try (1% wipe RIP). But a deserved kill anyway.

Grats all who got loot and Eonar is next.

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