Mythic Campaign to ToS Started

by Charmagon, 15 days ago

Our progress into Mythic came a little later than some other guilds but considering we are in the holiday period, we are happy with the progress.

Unfortunately the boss despawned before we got a picture so some of our members drew pictures instead.


Forum Image


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Mythic Spellblade down

by Charmagon, 93 days ago

It's been a while since we have had any progress in Nighthold and we haven't really had many attempts with the exam period and people going inactive. The officers have worked hard to supplement or core team but the hard work paid off with only 2 nights of tries, we killed Spellblade.

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This fight proved to be very unforgiving but made it that much sweeter when she died. Big gratz to all that attended and to those that walked away with loot.

Good job all 

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Progression is back on track!!!

by Charmagon, 112 days ago

The last few weeks have been difficult with the loss of some our key members and with the exam period hitting our ranks pretty hard, the officers have been frantically working on recruitment and bringing in new blood to the guild.

This of course would not have been possible if not for the hard work of the officers which also includes Pine and Lahes retaking up the leadership mantle.

The 30/04 was our first mythic raid since our break and although we was clearly rusty, we got the farm bosses down within a few tries. We then took a trip to Mythic ToV to beat Oydn as we knew we was close, but even killed Guarm in the process!

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Big gratz to all who walked away with loot and a special thank you to the new comers who have decided to join our crazy family.

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